I've put for sale one of the most horrible object ever seen. Is someone willing to buy it, and at what price?

The Idea

A friend of mine originally bought this lamp for $15 at an antique store near the small town of Victoriaville (Quebec, Canada). It then went on display in that person’s home for several years, before she offered it to me. I hypothesize that if a normal and emotionally stable person is willing to pay $15 for that object (see pictures of the lamp here), it may after all possess an underlying and inexplicable power of attraction, and it may be possible to sell it at a much higher price. This website exists not only to make some money, but also to test this hypothesis!

The Sales Experiment

I have created this website to try to sell my lamp on eBay, with a starting bid of $500 US (shipping and taxes not included). If I succeed, there will be no doubts left in my mind that this object holds a secret superpower of attraction, yet to be understood by the human race.

The Auction

Here is the link to the Ugly Blue lamp eBay auction. If the lamp is not sold by the 24th of april, I will repeat the auction cycles, until the end of July 2006.

The Lamp

The lamp is in good working condition, emitting a soft bluish glow when switched on. There appears to be no major defects. Although it is visibly old, it still looks fine (if that label can be applied to such an ugly artefact.)

Photos of this monster, as well as other cool ugly stuff, are available on the right side of this window. To learn more about me, please visit The Lamp Seller blog.

Don't miss it!

This is a unique kitsch object (as unique as my sales pitch!). As an extra incentive, I can, at the buyer’s request, put his name and/or company logo on this page! This site will remain online at least until May 2011.

More Bonuses

Each week from May to July 2006, I will put an extra ugly object in a box. In addition to the lamp, the buyer can have it at no extra charge (Shipping not included).

Click here to see what horrible objects are in the box so far.


  • I never thought it was possible to have such poor taste. No one can stay indifferent to something like that. -- Carl D. B.
  • I don’t understand why someone would have such a terrible object in their office. Luckily, no customers ever go in that corner. -- a co-worker
  • When I walked into the room, I was startled. It’s a big lamp and it’s truly ugly. In fact, I only understood it was a lamp after someone switched it on. -- Patrick T.
  • This lamp is so horrible that is possesses an undeniable charm. I have never before seen such an object. It seems contradictory, but I instantly fell in love with it. -- Mylène M.
  • As soon as I saw this thing, I regretted looking at it. -- a co-worker

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